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Ale Wiecek
Yas Grigaliunas
Cathy U'Ren
Simone Joyce
Matt Allen
Eleanor Carey
Mic Black
Suzy George
Steve Dalton
Gary Swanepoel
Wendy Oxenham
Andrew Clarke
Belinda Cogswell
Don McKenzie
Jordan Gruber
Navdeep Pasricha
Josh Anthony
Dr Baden U'Ren



This program is the perfect antidote to feeling a touch of overwhelm at all the work that is in front of you, or to feeling a little out of control. It brings you back to basics: the fundamental good habits that will hold you steady as you work through a mighty big entrepreneurial challenge, a levelling-up opportunity with your employer, or a life challenge. The foundations taught in 30day shift will help you live a better version of your life than you previously thought was ‘realistic’ because they become ingrained so quickly – suddenly you find yourself sticking to things that seemed far too hard to add into the mix before you began. Working on you (with an awesome tribe) to lift yourself above and beyond your own roadblocks and expectations is really powerful and also shockingly simple. Don’t wait. JFDI – for yourself, your family, your business, your team, for the rest of your life..

Belinda Cogswell, Startup Advisor

The Peak Persona program is truly life changing. The word love doesn’t even do it justice, it’s SO much more than that! It’s feelings and emotions wrapped up in a connected cohort of mind-blowingly inspirational humans. Every single person is on a journey, yet as a family, we’re on the journey together. I could not imagine my life without this program.

Yas Grigaliunas, Entrepreneur

The 30 Day Shift Program has improved my life! After implementing many of the strategies learned during the program I am now much better equiped to get the most out of even the toughest of days. It’s made me far more aware of being the best I can be both at work and at home. Looking forward to signing up to the next program!

Andrew Clarke, Entrepreneur

I didn’t expect to experience a significant shift from the program, I just wanted to see if I could tweak a few things in my routines that might help me be more effective. What I experienced was a shattering of internal barriers and unlocking of potential like I’ve never experienced in such a short time – and it just kept coming! The structure helped me to really explore the revelations I was having and cement the changes. Yes, I got tired and a little overwhelmed and didn’t feel I was able to keep up with some of the tasks but the support of the facilitators and the group was like a safety net and it propelled me forward when I felt I was falling behind. I felt completely able to be open, honest and raw with the cohort and it’s enabled me to clear out some crap and really grow. Definitely recommend this program and encourage anyone thinking of participating to really commit to it 100% to get the most out of it.

Cathy U'Ren, Entrepreneur

The Peak Persona 30 Day Shift really did help me shift from being a night owl to an early riser, and the productivity, health and psychological knock on from this have been huge. I didn’t expect to get massive health benefits out of this as it’s not specifically a “health program”, however this has been the most effective way to put focus back onto the things that really matter. When you look after yourself properly, everything else in your life is better. I would recommend the 30 Day Shift to absolutely everyone.

Eleanor Carey, Founder

How much impact can 30days have on your life? SO MUCH! Signing up to Peak Persona’s 30-day shift is one of the best decisions I have made. This program is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s not a magic bullet but it does bring out all the strength, determination and power that is hiding within you – one task at a time. I would do this all over again – and will if I need a boost in the future. Peak Persona is like a vitamin for your lifestyle – take one a day and watch the results!

Simone Joyce, Founder

This is the Change makers toolkit of habits to be in peak persona when it matters most. Safe environment with like minded people, this program allows you to do the things you know you should but have let slip on the journey..

Andrew Horton, Electrical Technician

PeakPersona is intense, well-facilitated and incredible value. It’s perfectly for mature individuals in Australian startups who want to be better, and grow a better venture. It supports participants to close the gap between all those personal aspirations and great habits, and actual implementation to realise the personal and professional benefits.

Andrew Outhwaite, Startup advisor & facilitator

I have become more energised and productive. It’s amazing how I’m getting heaps more done with a ton of less stress. I FINALLY have a peer group I can relate to when it comes to the unique windy road that is entrepreneurship.

Navdeep Pasricha

Take charge of your own improvement: invest in yourself: enrol in Peak Persona!

Baden U'ren, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Peta and Aaron have found a way to train people on how to improve their mind and body in 30 days. Explained using common sense approach with high consistency and discipline to instill new and great habits.

Mihajlo Naumovic, Business advisor

I was feeling quite miserable, overwhelmed and tired and needed something to show me techniques to improve my routines and mindset. The 30 day program did that and more for me. It helped me implement positive change in my life ‘one bite at a time’, making me stick to this new feeling good version of me. I would recommend the preogram to anyone who is struggling with stress or even anxiety. It helped me in so many ways and even the impact on my family is quite remarkable. I’ll be forever grateful!

Ale Wiecek, Customer Experience Design Consultant

After going through the program I’ve gained a new sense of self awareness and realised it’s okay to put myself first, and that by doing so I’m actually creating a better life for myself and everyone around me. After implementing the tools and habits within the program, I’ve gained more control over my life and feel much calmer and aware of what’s going on. There’s a lot to take in, and I’m still adapting some of the habits but have definitely noticed a positive change in my mindset, reduced stress levels and overall happiness and productivity. Thank you for letting me do the program and keeping me accountable 🙂

Catherine Kitney, Fishburners

I was doing a lot of things. And a lot of those things were the right things. Peak Persona made me consider the purpose of the things I was doing and how to get more value out of them. The month didn’t change my life…It opened my eyes to how to get more out of life.

Tim Anderson, Fintech Queensland

Be Prepared … whether you feel like you’re doing all you can to get the most out of your life, or you feel like you’ve got much to improve on, Peak Persona will move you forwards either a little or a lot. Great structure, great community, fascinating topics and a journey of self awareness and discovery that everyone will find benefit from.

Barry Devlin, Founder

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