14 days to a better you

Better results start with a better you.

Your journey starts here, with 14 Days of getting back to basics.

In this program you will practice the daily habits and routines needed for self-care and for sustainable performance.

At the end of this program you will feel more mentally present in the moment, more self-aware and more positive, more connected to the people around you, more balanced with time for yourself, and more in control of your day to day life.

All of our programs are $120 each (Australian dollars).

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Then your growth journey continues …

about our programs

About the programs

All of our programs are 14 days in duration, and commence on the first Sunday of each month. The programs are completed in a sequence, but you can also repeat programs at any time.

We have taken the habits and tools from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and professional athletes, and condensed them into daily actionable tasks for you to adopt into your life.

This is not a ‘self-help’ program. It is not theory based. Nor is this program designed to be motivational. Similarly, this program will not teach you how to better build a business, nor directly teach you any new business skills.

Instead, we focus on tangible, action-based methods you can adapt to better manage yourself and your time, and to engineer your emotional state, on a consistent basis. We will give you routines, habits, and tools to help you engineer your life and your mind, so that you can shift yourself to operate on the level needed to execute successfully in your particular endeavours – at work and at home.

How the programs work

This is an online program open to individuals from around the world.

Every morning you will receive an email with a short video introducing a new topic and with a new daily task. You complete the task over the course of your day as you go about your normal activities, and then record and upload a short reflection video at the end of each day. Additional content and support is delivered in the form of SMS messages, and you connect and share your results with the rest of the Peak Persona community via a Slack channel.

How demanding are the programs?

This is not a physical challenge, but individuals may find certain topics to be intensive as they adjust to new daily and weekly routines and habits. The commitment required most days is between 10-30 minutes, but many participants choose to spend more once they realise the value of the program.