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Baseline: your journey starts here

This 14 day online program steps you through the foundational habits and routines that are fundamental to personal growth, self-realisation, resilience, and contentment.

We call it: adulting.

About the program

This program will set your baseline of self-care and bring you back into alignment. It will help you be more present in every moment and more deliberate in every action. It will empower you to experiment with new techniques to find your new normal: to better manage yourself and your time, and to manage your emotional state, on a consistent and sustainable basis.

Every day for 14 days you will be given a new task with a new technique to practice. The time commitment is less than 30mins a day, but the impact is life-changing.

This program starts on the first Sunday of every month.


Completing this program unlocks access to all our other programs

Completing this foundational program unlocks our more advanced programs where we focus on really building your resilience and challenging your comfort and discomfort zones.

That's because building resilience and grit requires evolutions of growth and development, starting with the fundamentals. Until you nail the small things, you can't tackle the big things.

So even if you feel like you have your foundational habits right, it's important for you to complete this program in order to be eligible for the more advanced programs in our suite.

About our content

We have taken the habits and techniques used by some of the world’s most successful individuals – including business leaders, professional athletes, work record holders, astronauts, and military – as well as the latest evidence-based scientific research, and condensed them into daily actionable tasks for you to adopt into your life.

This is not a ‘self-help’ program. It is not theory based. Nor is this program designed to be motivational. This is about finding what works for you by being given a daily task to complete.

Is this program for me?

The Baseline program isn’t for everyone. It is specifically designed for people experiencing a transition or seeking change. Maybe you feel a need for a new structure or a change in routine to enable a better transition into a new phase of working or for a sense of finding a ‘new normal’.

There has been so much change recently that we are all having to find new ways to adapt the way we do pretty much everything. From our home routines, to our work schedules, right through to the way we think about and interact with our own families. It’s all so different.

If you are looking for your ‘new normal’ – looking for a structure that works for you and which enables you to thrive, not just survive – then this program is for you.

Come for the program, stay for the community

By completing this program you will be eligible to join as a member of our Tribe Global Community of Peak Persona alumni, where you will connect with a powerful support network of like-minded growth-seekers who have your back and get your headspace. They are there by your side, as your secret weapon enabling you to walk through any challenging situations.

Included in this community membership is a monthly DONE Day, end-of-month accountability call, webinars, content, and free perks from our partners, including eligibility for $10,000 of AWS credits.

Will this solve all my problems?

No. Baseline is just the start of your growth journey. But it will give you the solid foundations from which to anchor yourself for your journey of unleashing your full potential. Next comes our 30 Day Shift program, designed to train, teach and challenge you to get out of your own way. From there we have a number of programs to continue your growth journey and help you find your Next Level.

Alumni testimonials

“This program was life changing. I became a completely different person - people don't recognise me now. It was such a good feeling. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Ale Wiecek

“How much impact can this have on your life? SO MUCH! Signing up to Peak Persona is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Simone Joyce