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Done Day

DONE is a facilitated day of work sprints spent 100% focussed on getting your priorities done with zero distractions. All you need to do is logon via Zoom with your to-do list, and then we will keep you motivated and focussed on getting it done. If you know the acronyms, it's all about GSD by JFDI.


These events run on the second Wednesday of every month via Zoom, and are free to Peak Persona program alumni.


Why participate? 

You are probably very busy, possibly even getting a lot done, but yet you may be left feeling like you never get time for the most important things. Or maybe you've got a backlog of small unfinished. Or maybe you have a big piece of project work that really needs an entire day of focussed work. Or maybe you just want to do some planning and develop a strategy. Or maybe you need time for writing or content creation, or finalising that grant application, or catching up on book work.

How it works:

Each participant brings their own "To Do" list for the day and works through them in a series of short, focussed sprints.

Our facilitator does all the time keeping and keeps you accountable to your tasks for the day.

As well as the actual work time, we also provide you with some training on productivity techniques and tools to get the most out of the day. We provide suggestions of music engineered by neuro-scientists to maximise your focus, and even suggest food types to ensure you maintain peak energy through the day. You can take all these learnings back into your everyday work practices to improve your normal levels of productivity.

As well as working individually, you have the option to use the power of the group to have short sessions for some brainstorming and co-creation with fellow participants. It's a great way to gain some fresh perspectives, new ideas, and new connections.

What you need:

  • A clear "to-do list" of work you want to complete
  • Your work tools (eg a laptop)
  • An internet connection so you can connect to the Zoom session
  • A place to work from that will allow you to focus and concentrate
  • Optionally some headphones for music to help keep you focussed
  • Optionally some low GI snacks and a water bottle to keep you energised

How to prepare for the event 

Once you register you will get access to several content topics with all the details of how to best prepare for the event.


What participants are saying:

“Loved this so much! Book me in for the next session.”

Prue Leng

“Thanks for a superb Done day! It was my first and really worth it.”

Syma Ahmed

“I want to do this weekly! I got so much out of it!”

Ellen Mackenzie