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This 30 day program will re-engineer your daily and weekly routines and habits. Through daily emails and an online community, the program will give you new perspectives, tools and resources to better manage stress, and to optimise your emotions and mental state, preparing you to operate at your peak as a founder.


This ongoing program gives you access to our exclusive online community and content, and gives you ongoing access to our shift programs. With a mix of peer-to-peer support and daily reflection reviews, the maintenance program is the ideal way to continue after the 30 Day Shift program. For a small monthly subscription, we will help you ensure you stick to your newly engineering life.


This is our book of daily and weekly routines, habits, tricks and tools for founders to engineer their lives and themselves for optimal performance and success. The content has been gleaned from successful entrepreneurs and professional athletes, and distilled into tangible tasks that entrepreneurs can adopt into their lives.