it’s a tribal thing

Peak Persona is a community and tribe of like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, creatives and adventurers who are looking to grow and achieve their best. We call them the growth seekers. Those rate humans with a growth-mindset, who believe they can be and do more. They are constantly seeking to improve themselves, to develop, and to contribute to the growth of others.

Membership inclusions

  • Access to the Peak Persona online community (Slack)
  • Free access to all of our programs (valued at $99 each)
  • Free access to our monthly DONE days (for getting sh!t done) (valued at $100)
  • Free access to our fortnightly coffees
  • Free access to our monthly social events
  • Free access to our Peak Persona workshops

Membership investment

Our memberships have a tiered pricing model:

  • 1 @ $150pm
  • 2-3 people @ $125pm/pp
  • 4-6 people @ $100pm/pp
  • 7+ people @ $75pm/pp