it’s time to level up


About the program

The Level Up program is exclusively for alumni of our 30 Day Shift program. Every Level Up program deep dives a specific topic for 30 days, allowing you to continue your journey of personal growth and development.

Upcoming Level Up programs include: decision making (Nov 2018), time management (Dec 2018), leadership (Jan 2019), mindset and high-performance psychology (Feb 2019), relationships (Mar 2019), finances, health and fitness, and many more.

How the program works

This is an online program open to our alumni from around the world. The program is cohort based, meaning it runs with groups of participants who interact and form a bonded peer group.

Every morning an email with a short video introduces a new topic and a new daily task. Additional content and support is delivered in the form of SMS messages, and the cohort connects and shares their results via a very active Slack channel.

The Level Up programs starts on
the first Sunday of every month

The program fee is $200
Australian dollars including GST


Where does the content come from?

Both the co-founders work with over a thousand startup founders every year, and compounding that over the last 5 years in the startup ecosystem we have noticed patterns of behaviour that differentiate successful founders from unsuccessful founders. We have also interviewed and studied numerous successful entrepreneurs and professional sports people.

We have collected all their routines, habits, and tools, and collated them into this program of actionable items that you can adopt. But it does require you to take action, consistently, to form and maintain these new habits.

Everything we ask you to do, we already do ourselves. So we will share insights and lessons from our own experiences along the way.

The content will give you an operating system for surviving in high-stress environments. With the help of this program, each time before you go into the battle of business, or walk into the door of work or home, you will have the tools to consciously and proactively become the best version of yourself for that particular environment.