it’s a tribal thing

We currently have the following positions vacant and other opportunities for interns to gain valuable experience. We select applicants for positions predominantly on their passion – passion for your own personal creative edge, passion for personal self inquiry and growth, and passion for understanding and helping other humans. People with passion tend to invest in themselves and others, and see their skills as a craft, which they constantly refine over time. We also hire for your cultural fit with our tribe of awesome humans, meaning our customers and our team.

Position or Internship Description
Intern: Graphic Designer We are offering an intern an opportunity to develop their graphic design skills by assisting with the creation of visual content for our programs, email templates, website, workshop course materials, slides and presentations, office stationery, swag and merchandise design, visuals for social media (particularly Instagram graphics), and marketing collateral.
Intern: Social Media We are offering an intern an opportunity to develop their social media management skills by assisting with the generation, creation and scheduling of social media content and collateral, specifically for the purposes of content delivery, generating community engagement, brand awareness, and tribe member acquisition. We predominantly use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Intern: Content Writer We are offering an intern an opportunity to develop their writing skills by generating content in the form of long and short form blogs and posts, specifically for use on Medium and LinkedIn, but also for use in our programs and bootcamps. Our content pieces are very human focussed, and cover aspects of high-performance psychology but delivered in tangible and relatable ways through story telling.
Intern: Web Developer We are offering an intern an opportunity to develop their web development skills by assisting with updating our WordPress website, development and integration of third-party APIs, as well as the automation of key program delivery activities including connecting various disparate systems. There is further scope to also gain experience working on the development of our new communications platform.
Intern: Researcher We are offering an intern an opportunity to develop their research skills by collating case studies of high-performers and their habits and routines, as well as sourcing reputable studies and data to support the benefits of specific techniques and routines for sustainable high performance, wellness, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship.
Intern: Videographer We produce a lot of video! We are offering an intern an opportunity to develop their video story telling skills by assisting with the recording of video and audio content for our programs, including all aspects of shoot planning, storyboarding, scene layout, video capture, editing and post production.

What we offer

All of our team members are provided with free access to all of our programs and content (in fact, we will insist you complete the programs), plus the bonus of free swag.  You will also get to work with some amazing members of our global community, which includes founders and influencers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We hope to find those rare and amazing individuals that end up growing with us as we scale.

Our intern positions are focussed on experience building, and are unpaid. We invest our time into our interns to help them build experience, skills, and a portfolio of work. Work hours for interns are casual and flexible, and internships usually run for a maximum of 12 weeks. We prefer interns to be based in Queensland so that we can provide direct support and experience.


If you are seriously interested in any of the positions vacant listed above then please apply via this form. Note that you will be asked to upload an updated CV and ideally upload or link to some examples of your work (assuming you have some).

Note that for intern positions we ask that you have capacity to commit to 8 hours per week to ensure you gain valuable experience. But we’re flexible as to when you work, and for any period up to 12 weeks.

We operate on a rolling application process, as we want to find the best humans who share our vision and passion, and who are potentially interested in a longer-term future with Peak Persona.