It is so critical that we maintain and improve our physical body so that we can operate at our peak performance. And a healthy body also helps create a healthy mind.

We won’t bore you with the benefits of exercise – we assume you already understand that.

But think of this: A founder that looks after themselves and who is in great physical health, sends a message to their clients and staff that they are in control, that they are consistent, and that they follow through with tasks. These subliminal messages and characteristics can be very powerful in making the right first and ongoing impression.

Exercising to exhaustion is also a great way to help deal with anxiety, and to help you sleep well at the end of the day.

When to exercise

You should exercise every day, even on weekends. It doesn’t have to be a big exercise routine every day, but every day should involve some form of physical movement to get the heart going.

You should exercise as the very first thing you do in the morning. Now some of you will say that you prefer to exercise at lunch, or in the evenings, but we believe the mornings are the best time, for several reasons.

First, exercising in the morning means there is almost no risk of missing it. If you exercise at lunch or in the evenings it is easy for conflicting events, a busy schedule, or other circumstances to block you from going and completing your exercise. In short, the later in the day you exercise, the more risk you actually won’t do it.

Second, much like making the bed, exercising first thing in the morning gives you a sense of achievement that you carry all day. Ticking this one key task off your mental to-do list puts you in a state of momentum that will help carry you through your other tasks for the day.

Third, morning exercise helps lifts your metabolism for the day, meaning your body will burn and process food much faster. You will feel healthier too, meaning that you are less likely to resort to junk food or other unhealthy treats.

Fourth, morning exercise will help you shift to be a morning person. The exercise will help wake you up in the morning, and by the night you will be physically tired.

What exercises?

Choose exercises that work for you, based on how they make you feel post exercise.

Make sure you have regular exercise that makes you break into a sweat. Returning home with a good sweat will again give you a great sense of achievement.

If you pickup from anything from those comments, understand it is about finding exercises that push you to better health, but also which work for you mentally and emotionally to put you into the best positive mental state to perform.

Where to exercise

We highly recommend you get out of the house. Home gyms have the benefit of time saving and reduce the risks of blockers preventing you from exercising. But equally, you want to switch your persona and mindset by leaving the house and heading to another space.

Exercising outdoors is fantastic for getting some fresh air and vitamin D (via sunlight). Gyms are also critical if resistance training or gym classes work for you. Perhaps you want to signup to a workout group that exercises in a park. Or perhaps there is a great trail or track near your house for runs or bike rides.  You might even be able to incorporate your exercise into your commute by running to work.

Tips and hints

If inertia hits you, and your brain is struggling to get you out of bed to go to the gym, then tell yourself a lie. Tell yourself that you will just go to the gym for 5 minutes. Or that you will just walk around the block. Once you start moving or get to the gym we all know you won’t actually just do 5 minutes, because you will have momentum. But telling yourself the lie can be one way to trick yourself into action.

If your kids are awake in the morning or if you can’t leave them alone, then take them with you. Understand this will significantly impact the exercises you can achieve, but if that is what you need to do, then do it. It’s fantastic for them to see you prioritising exercise into your life.

Getting an exercise buddy is also a great way to stay motivated and stick to your schedule. There is nothing like knowing someone else is waiting for you at the gym to get you out of bed. But equally you may want that space to yourself, so perhaps for you it is having a buddy that messages you first thing in the morning to get you out of bed and into your exercise gear.

Another great way to build motivation is to use social accountability. Put your weight loss or exercise goals out on social media for the world to see, and ask your friends to hold you accountable to them. This can work really well to drive you to a specific goal.

If you are travelling a lot like us, then book hotels that have a gym in the building. Aaron has a Jetts gym membership exactly because they are everywhere, so he will book a hotel near a Jetts gym when he travels to another city. Recently when Peta was in London, her hotel had no gym, and it was below zero outside, so first thing in the morning she did a body-weight exercise routine in her room. That also means remembering to pack your exercise gear when you travel.

Another tip is to get good workout gear. Anything that niggles at you while you run will become a mental blocker to future exercise. Get exercise gear that makes you feel great.

Pop some great tunes. Have playlists for the exercise routine. But equally, some days you may want no music just to process your thoughts.