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We are building AI systems for sustainable high-performance psychology

About us

We work closely with well over a thousand entrepreneurs, founders and investors from around the world every year. We have also interviewed numerous successful entrepreneurs and professional sports people. As a result, over the past 5 years of working in the startup sector, we have recognised patterns of behaviour that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

Those patterns of behaviour include daily and weekly routines, habits, tips and tools, which we have adopted into our own lives, and distilled into programs that other founders can adapt and adopt.

We exist to help founders to consciously engineer their lives for success. It is about taking control of your life – at work, home and play – to ensure you can operate at your peak. We provide founders with the routines, habits, tools and skills to better manage and understand their mindset and emotional states.

We up-skill founders so that they are better prepared to avoid and minimise issues such as anxiety and stress, and to reduce the impact of the entrepreneurial journey on their home life and relationships.

What we do

We deliver online and immersive off-site programs and other digital content with actionable activities for founders to complete and adapt into their lives. Our online programs combine regular emails, videos, and online communities. Our off-site programs take participants away to remote locations with an immersive experience to not only develop the individual, but to build a bonded cohort of peers.

We learn from the best

The content we share in our programs is taken from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, founders, and professional sports people in the world. The routines, habits, tips and tools they use to engineer their lives for success are digested into structured programs that you can adopt into your own life.

We focus on tangible, actionable outcomes. There is plenty of motivational material already out there. And lots of content on the habits of successful people. But we have distilled all of that content into a regime of behaviour that you can adopt into your daily life.